Guardian Angel boys have a few angels of their own

I am a CASA volunteer for Peoria County. I am involved with Guardian Angel Home. The home has about 18 residents, all boys ranging in age from about 6 to 17. The boys love to ride bicycles under supervision on the grounds, but none were in riding condition. I offered to take two of the 20 bicycles home a week and work on them. A friend donated two more bicycles that were also not ride-worthy.

I took four bicycles to Illinois Cycle and Fitness to ask if they could identify the parts and tools I would need for the repairs. The service manager asked how many bicycles would need repair. I explained that there were 20 bikes, and Guardian Angel Home agreed to pay for parts. The service manager said that his staff volunteered to repair all the bicycles on their own time with no labor charges. The owner of Illinois Cycle and Fitness offered to sell the parts to Guardian Angel at cost or cheaper. I take them four bicycles per week.

The owner and staff of Illinois Cycle and Fitness need a big kudos from all the fine folks of central Illinois.

I stopped at Flores Music to beg for any old acoustic guitar so the boys could have the opportunity to learn how to play guitar. Mike Flores and his family handed me two new acoustic guitars and cases at no charge and told me that they felt close to Guardian Angel Home. The maintenance supervisor at Guardian Angel volunteered to give the lessons (two boys at a time) on his own time. The program manager of Guardian Angel offered to pay the maintenance supervisor for his time of giving lessons.

Flores Music and the staff of Guardian Angel Home deserve a huge kudos from the fine folks of central Illinois.

Thanks to the kind hearts of strangers, Guardian Angel boys will have a memorable year.

Ernie Mahan


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