The unHandsome Devils…

Gary Shaine Horrie – Drums/Vocals
Josh Thompson – Lead Guitars/Vocals
Dan Tremblay – Bass/Vocals
TJ Duckwiler – Lead Guitars

The unHandsome Devils are certainly not just a bunch of pretty faces. They are faces that show years of musical confidence. The band boasts some of Central Illinois finest talents in the musical arts and performance. Yes, they are a Rock and Roll band and aren’t afraid to show it. But, they are all very diverse musicians as well and that certainly shows in the music that they cover. “We like to take those old songs that everyone knows and may have forgotten about & polish it up into something fresh, putting our own twist on it.” says drummer/singer Gary Shaine Horrie. Keeping the dance floor moving along with maintaining a steady flow of music is their main goal. “Yes, we love to play the heavier music, but each place we play may call for different types of music. We try to read the crowd and cater to what they’re looking for. We want people to have a great time at our show.” says Gary.

The band was formed from 2 of the founding members of Braille, Josh Thompson and Gary Shaine Horrie. Braille was a Budweiser “True Music” sponsored band that performed around the Central Illinois area in the early/mid 2000’s. After years apart, the band was drawn back together for a show in October of 2009. With a small alteration in the line up, they found themselves as a 4pc with the profoundly amazing TJ Duckwiler on guitar & non other than Dan Tremblay on the bass.

The name “The unHandsome Devils” was a play off the original concept of “The Handsome Devils” which was meant in the context of humor. Unfortunately, the general consensus did not seem to take it this way. It was then decided to take the complete opposite approach with the name. The band has a sense of humor on and off stage and it shows.

Additional Info & Fun Facts about the band:
• Gary played drums on a song for SEBASTIAN BACH of Skid Row called “Another Nail”.
• Gary toured as drummer of Lava/Atlantic Records recording artist, HOT ACTION COP based out of Nashville, TN.
• Gary was also founding members of Peoria, IL’s 105.7 the X house band StepDown.
• Josh & Gary both former members of local band, “The Shake“.
• Josh also formerly played in a band called “Uncle Pucker”.
• TJ has a masters degree in awesomeness.
• TJ also teaches guitar at Flores Music in Peoria, IL.
• Gary recently retired from America’s #1 Pantera Tribute band “Cemetery Gatez“.
• Back into the 90’s files, Gary was the drummer of the well known group known as KRANKINSTEIN.
• Dan is a former member of Dropt, Infusion, as well as Foil.
• Gary started out his musical career in a High School band with current Guns ‘n Roses / Sixx:AM guitarist DJ Ashba.